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KaeWest is a premiere, comprehensive concrete contractor. We are committed to delivering outstanding client service and exceptional quality with proactive management through all phases of construction. We go beyond the traditional capabilities of our competitors; from project planning to finished product, we seek and strive to add value to every project and decision we make.

The Leading Provider

We have extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of concrete construction and the ability to handle projects of all sizes and degrees of difficulty.


Seton Recreation Facility

Each slab pour at the Seton Recreation Center brought an exciting and different challenge to our teams. From the lazy river pool slab to the 14,918 sqft competition pool slab with the 10' slope from shallow to deep end, to the high tolerance 23,000 sqft gymnasium slab.



Calgary Compost Facility

Whether it was placing the 3,000 cubic meters of concrete in the curing building by hand, or pouring the high tolerance slabs of the transfer corridors with our laser screed, schedules and deadlines were met safely and efficiently.


It Starts With Us

At KaeWest, we believe that safety is everyone's responsibility, from management to on-site personnel. We are committed to being a safety leader in our industry. Only through such a cooperative effort can we achieve our goal of making our work environment as safe as possible. Employees are actively engaged in our safety program which includes ownership in detecting, communicating and mitigating any hazards in their workplace. It takes teamwork to create an injury and incident-free work place.
That is what we are committed to achieve at KaeWest. 

Trusted By The Best

We have proudly and successfully completed projects for the following highly regarded companies.

Join The Family

In the dynamic world of concrete construction, KaeWest’s vitality lies in our ability to enlist, develop and retain highly qualified individuals. Successful projects rely on strong teams. We look for people with eager minds and fresh ideas to push our company forward and maintain KaeWest’s vision for the future. We build teams of talented individuals who demonstrate an eagerness to accept challenging responsibilities and strive for excellence.

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